About Us

Mirasa, established in 2017 by Neetu Jain Rastogi, is a manifestation of her profound admiration for craftsmanship and the rich tapestry of Indian heritage fashion. The name 'Mirasa,' drawing inspiration from its Turkish origins, embodies the essence of heritage. Our unique approach to curating an exquisite range of products, with a strong focus on celebrating local authenticity, perfectly embodies this philosophy.


Mirasa is your gateway to the world of Indian heritage fashion, thoughtfully curated from a selection of independent labels and exclusively presented in the heart of Singapore. Our carefully curated collection spans diverse facets of fashion, encompassing exquisite jewelry, fashionable apparel, and stylish accessories.


Whether you covet meticulously handcrafted beaded danglers, seek the allure of chic silver earrings deeply rooted in tradition, or desire contemporary ethnic attire, Mirasa caters to every taste.


Mirasa effortlessly merges the essence of 'ethnic' with your modern sensibilities, a testament to the timeless elegance of women across the globe. Explore our collection of heritage-inspired fashion and indulge in a world of authentic style today."