Jewelry designed by Aditi Sharma is distinctive inspired by art, design and primarily architecture. It is sold in India under the brand " Greytone".

Coming from a strong interior design background for 7 years gives me a lot of scope to experiment with architectural materials, textures, colors, bold geometric shapes and clean lines. Greytone Jewelry pieces are bold statement pieces which redefine perceptions of jewelry.

All the jewelry is handcrafted in uncommon material concrete.It is usually perceived as a robust material because of its use only in construction. Concrete is a hard, neutral, a precious material with a real presence. Exploring its fluid nature - ability to take any shape and managing appropriate weight through right mixtures has made this material suitable for neckpieces. Primarily neutral color tone of cement - grey and white is highlighted with brushed brass and Stainless finish. Each piece is refined by hand in an organic process that Creates an unexpected, one-of-a-kind finish, which makes an aesthetic statement that will certainly demands attention.

Aditi's designs reflect simplicity, minimalism and yet create a bold statement.

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