Dookdi is a curious and contemplative brand founded by Jinal, which makes wearable forms in non-precious metals with an inclination towards slight distortions. Playing with order-disorder and symmetry-asymmetry, Dookdi celebrates the duality of existence.

Ageing of the metal and its transformation in different stages enrapture Dookdi. Hence, Raw and rustic, each piece is uniquely handcrafted/sculpted and experimental in form and texture. Each piece has its own unique identity and even in a ‘pair’ one is different from ‘the other’. They might be similar but not same.

Jinal is a sculptor with an interest in various mediums. Dookdi started as an extension of her love for insects. The journey began with replicating insect forms in small epoxy sculptures. The process of making them in soft metals paved a way into a meditative process of abstraction that took a life of its own.

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